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Technical updates

TRIPY Upgrade to v2.5 and upgrade of TVM EUROPE 2016 maps!

The eighth free service pack for your GPS Tripy II has arrived! v2.5 !

This upgrade to version 2.5 offers: 

Precise time display (inherited from our development in rallies),
The possibility of deactivating the jumping note display (kangaroo)
Optional settings (RAZ of trips by pressing briefly on OK/Enter),
Differentiation of WP n° in the map screen when the WA is referred to in the compass. 

To benefit from the v2.5, connect your GPS Tripy II and v2.4 to your PC and click the menu “Help/Check GPS Tripy II upgrades.”
The highly anticipated TVM2016 mapping upgrade is now available on our webshop for GPS Tripy II and all Tripy software (including with TRM1);
It comprises 16 countries in Western Europe (AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, LU, NL, NW, PT, SW). How to get it? Simple! 
Order the ISO image or the USB key on this “accessories” page:

and receive the hardware or the download link as well as your licence key. 

By way of reminder, you can always create road books on a world map, even without installing a Tripy software! will be your free tool online.  Retrieve your routes by e-mail and copy/paste your itineraries to the trb (and gpx) formats in your Tripy GPS (USER / ROADBOOK).

Fans and professionals, negotiate your rallies from prologue to the podium, thanks to our publication tools, services and GPS locations for rallies – digital navigation, 3G tracking, stopwatch, tracking and speed control

Thank you once again for your trust and confidence, and happy motoring (on road and track) with Tripy!

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