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Technical updates
Tripy website

The Tripy website is, among others, the meeting point where the community of users may share Road Books but also various information about organising outings, trips or competitions supported by the road books.

On the Tripy site, contributions from unknown users and small clubs show up along the ones from professional riders and the specialised press or tour operators, toursim bureau's and hotels and restaurant owners.

This exchange platform differentiate Tripy's offering from the one of other GPS equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, it provides free of charge, a large choice of road books. This further increase the sens of community allowing anyone to evaluate the quality of our routes before purchasing one of our products.

A lot of work has been put into easing the search for a specific road book within a list that shall become quickly enormous. Search criteria are multiple and relevant. Powerful tools allowing the identification of the available road books within a geographical area will soon be set up.

The site is also a central point for the downloading of many different files useful to the user:

  • Firmware upgrade files
  • Gas stations files
  • Towns location files
  • Speed traps fils
  • User's manuals
  • release notes
  • Commercial documentation and prices list











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