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Road book: Cornwall: Stage 5, St-Mawes - St-Ives - St Mawes 181 Km Code 1107


A quiet loop without excess luggages, for the sole pleasure of the eyes and easy riding. MORE ABOUT...

It starts by the « King Harry Ferry » that brings you on the other bank every 20 minutes, and such since 1888! Take the back-&-forth ticket as we shall come back through there tonight.
In Cornwall there is always water somewhere; if it does not fall from heaven, it is present in every landscape, around the « Mont St-Michael » - English version – or in every tiny harbour like in Mousehole.
Breathtaing view, the one from the top Porthcurno cliffs. One could think being in Portugal, with its sandy beaches and deep blue waters.
Boscaswell 's lighthouse gives a fair impression of the coast wilderness and moreover, there is nothing further to the West, nothing but the ... Atlantic ocean !!
Saint-Ives is a crowdy and touristical place, offering many possibilities to top up energy. It is good to stroll around a little longer here, as there is only 60 km left to meet the starting point. Check beforehand the last KingHarry ferry timetable or you shall ride the detour via the A390 and A3078. That's why Saint-Mawes gives such sense of exclusivity.

Michelin Tourist & Road Atlas. 1/300.000 - pages 5,4,3,and 2
Le Guide du Routard «England - Wales »
From Saint Mawes to Saint Mawes - 180 km - 5 hours

St Mawes Hôtel,
Marine Parade
01326 270266
Cornwall: Stage 5, St-Mawes  -  St-Ives  -  St Mawes - Download Road Book
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