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Road book: Cornwall: Stage 6, St-Mawes - Lynton 244 Km Code 1108


Last Cornwall stage. Before heading to the North of Devon. MORE ABOUT...

A compulsory stop in Tintagel, where numerous busses off load school kids checking their knowledge of King Arthur's legend. A little further one discover Boscastle, a charming tiny harbour hidden by the cliffs displaying old stone houses. Part of the visit shall include strolling arund towards the river end, and a bite in in one of the friendly little restaurants.
The rest is not exceptionnal, it's just that we have to go through it to reach North Devon and finish in Lynton and Lynmouth.
Here, on the other hand, and « Agatha Christie » like scenery: a high settled village and the other alongside the Exe, an agitated stream. Both are connected by a railcar but the distance is also possible on foot. Everything in the neighbourhood is is charming and invites spending the day wandering along the river and ending up at the « The Rising Sun » old pub.
If you like oldish english style, and taking a whisky in the lounge, go to the Seewood Hotel. With a little luck you shall have a view on the sea and Wales accross lighting at sunset.
Stand up at sunrise, the next day if you intend to come back home before day's end.

The Seewood Hôtel
North Walk, Lynton, Devon, EX35 6HJ
+44 (0)1598 752272

Michelin Tourist & Road Atlas. 1/300.000 - pages 2,3,6, and 7
Le Guide du Routard « England - Wales »
From Saint Mawes to Lynton - 243 km - 6 hours
Cornwall: Stage 6, St-Mawes  -  Lynton - Download Road Book
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