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Road book: Barchon (BE) - Fulda (DE) 447 Km Code 1149


First stage of a four day tour in Germany. Starting from Barchon in Belgium and looping around Fulda in Germany. MORE ABOUT...

Fulda: is more than the town where tyres cars are manufactured for cars, old timers, 4x4 trucks and tractors. Its history is long of more than 1250 years and has left traces throughout the town. It is more specifically the baroque period that gave Fulda a posh status, led by a quartet of impressive buildings : the cathedral called here the "Dom", the residential castle (Stadt- oder Residenzschloss), the Orangerie and the Adelspaleis all near by local hotels. Let's not forget the roamn St Michael's church, the cautiously restored workshops, lovely parks and gardens and many small typical squares awaiting your visit.
Barchon (BE) - Fulda (DE) - Download Road Book
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