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Technical updates

Firmware for GPS Tripy II upg v2.4.0 click here
Only for GPS in version 2.1.0 minimum!
Paste near System and User files (not inside files); Better to operate from HELP MENU ROADTRACER PRO

Firmware for GPS Tripy RoadMaster I :

Download V 1.12.41 (sept 2008)download here the release note 

Tripy RoadMaster GPS Micro-code :

V1.16 (May 2007)
Upgrades for Tripy RoadTracer Upgrades for RoadTracer PRO should be downloded automatically from the software itself through menu Help, Download Upgrades.

Special Road book reports

Portrait-pict: A simple report template allowing the insertion of pictures and page jumps. Click here, unzip & import into your RoadTracer Pro.    

- insert 'Img=Path\Filename;' into the waypoint 'Name' field to insert a picture. Don't forget the ; at the end.

- insert 'NouvPg' into the waypoint 'Name' field to create a page jump

Regularity Rally and Old Timers Top to Bottom: Special reports allowing the semi-automatic insertion of typical race symbols and pictures. Click here to download the templates and Application Note.



NEW: Austria-Tour Day 10

NEW: Austria-Tour Day 9

NEW: Austria-Tour Day 8

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