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Road book: Fulda (DE) North loop 257 Km Code 1152


Second stage of a four day tour in Germany. Looping to the North of Fulda, through Bad Hersfeld and Eisenach. MORE ABOUT...

Bad Hersfeld: offers several justifications for a stop. Its old city centre offers the sight of various large houses competing by their somptuous REnaissance style. The old stone amateurs will enjoy the Stiftskirche ruins, built in 769 and upgraded to the title of National Cloister by some Charlemagne. These ruins represent today the world's largest of its kind. They are flanked by the Katharinenturm, a tower that hosted the Stiftskirche bells after the fire that destroyed it. A single bell remains: the Lullusglocke, the oldest of Germany dating back to 1038. It rings only upon major events.
Nature preservation amateurs shall be interested in the Staudengarten and its pavillons or the Kurpark der Jahreszeiten that won the 2nd place in the Germany's nicest park contest.
Eisenach: owns a assortment of historical buildings of great value. One shall note the impressive Wartburg castle on the wolrd's heritage register of UNESCO connected in many ways to the work and life of Martin Luther. The interior is of great beauty. At the nearby Marktplatz is the Lutherhaus where the founder of the church reform movement lived a while.
If you like cars, you have to know that at the old Automobilwerks Eisenach (AWE) factory, 100 years of local production await you, e.a. the first Wartburg of 1899 and an AWE sport car of 1956.
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