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Road book: Fulda (DE) South Loop 235 Km Code 1153


Third stage of a four day tour in Germany. Looping to the South of Fulda, through Lohr am Main, Bad Kissingen and Bad Neustadt. MORE ABOUT...

Lohr am Main: if you want to know more about the Spessart, its history and its inhabitants, wander into Lohr am Main and its Spessartmuseum set up in the Schloss zu Lohr a.M castle. This lovely town also owns a medieval style city centre and ... the only and smallest electrical insulator museum.
Bad Kissingen: water town where it is good to rest... and more if affinity. The same environment awaits you in Bad Neustadt.
Bischofsheim: is admired mostly from the Kloster Kreuzberg, the stations of the cross overlooking the city and surroundings. Its wood workshops are open to the public.
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