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Road book: Mont de l'Enclus landscapes (2.03) Estimated duration : 2h.  20 Km Code 787


Bicycle: All terrain bike route. Lovers of gradients and steep paths, you are at the summit of the Pays des Collines (Hilly land)! Between the Mont de l'Enclus (141 m - one of the highest rises in the region) and the hills spreading around, a breathtaking view on the Mont de l'Enclus, Tournai, the Mont Saint Aubert and the Schelde plain is awaiting you. On all terrain bike, you will ride successively on tarred roads, dirt roads and forest paths that wil lead you to the top. Under way, do not hesitate to stop at one of the many café-restaurants or at the Maison des Randonneurs (hikers'house)... as other travelling ideas are awaiting you!

Mont de l'Enclus landscapes (2.03) - Download this Road Book in paper version Mont de l'Enclus landscapes (2.03) - Download Road Book
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