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Road book: Through woods and countryside (2.02) Estimated duration : 3h.  28 Km Code 798


Bicycle: All terrain bike route. Ride your bike and discover the natural wealth of the Pays des Collines (Hilly land)! For the passionates of all terrain bike routes, here are two circuits youshall remember. The 22 km route, fairly easy is recommended for the whole family. The 28 km, harder, is recommended to the sport fans and other thrill seekers. On the program: woods crossing and hilly paths, routes around Frasnes village and countryside landscapes.

Through woods and countryside (2.02) - Download this Road Book in paper version Through woods and countryside (2.02) - Download Road Book
Comments - Through woods and countryside (2.02)

Maman  - 14/06/2012
Bonjour,Merci pour cette formidable baalde.J‘ai fait le circuit A+B+C+D c‘e9tait tre8s bien a tous les niveaux:Fle9chage, ravitaux(saucisse ! ) , choix des circuits et qualite9 des circuits, accueil des be9ne9voles et le bon esprit des participants.Merci a tous les be9ne9voles et je vous encourage a renouveler l‘ope9ration l‘an prochain !Bonne suite au club.Un participant.

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