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Technical updates
Connection route down to the Pyrenees

Abstract from the SiuranaSpit 2004, Spity proposes a good route down to the Pyrenees. These Road Books can easily be edited in your RoadTracer PRO software to match with your own starting point. For example, if you come from the UK, you can drop the first day and draw with RoadTracer PRO another route to Nontron and then continue.

One-way down Wallonia to the Pyrenees (2 days)

Connection route 1 - From Couvin to Nontron

Connection route 2 - From Nontron to Saint-Bertrand-de-Comming

Return journey from the Pyrenees to Wallonia (1 day)

Connection route 3 - From Riel les Eaux to Couvin


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