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Technical updates
Questions/Answers (FAQ)

Make sure to read the lines below before contacting the support line. In most instances, these lines will provide the necessary assistance.

IMPORTANT ! An erroneous operation is often fixed by an update or reset.

Topics :

1) For ROADTRACER : access  RT01 (click here)

2) For TRIPY II : access TII02 (click here)

3) For TRIPY I : access RM04 via this link (click here)

4) Forum NL/FR Wim Adriaens :

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Tripy I:

Click here to access to the Tripy I questions & answers


Tripy II:

We recommend you to read carefully the following topics to maintain optimal use of your device. 

TII01 How to connect Tripy II to your PC?

It is important to switch your device ON and wait that the welcome screen "Loading…" disappears. Connect then the device by means of the black USB-Tripy II cable. On the Tripy II side, maintain it carefully and turn it until it enters the connector.
Copy-Paste your RoadBook in your GPS Tripy II (=usb key) USER/RB file.

TII02 Download the last updates.

Not only will you benefit from the latest features and fixes but you shall remain compatible with all the road books available for download.
Version RoadTracer Pro (iso) 2.1.0 is here.

TII03 Battery charging.

For Tripy II see point A, page 1 of the Tripy II Hands on Manual (click here to download it). 

TII04 Download a road book into Tripy II

Run the command File/Save as... -> /user/roadbooks/… to directly store in the Tripy II SD Memory.
It is also possible by means of an USB memory stick (see topic TII06).

TII05 Displaying the map.

To toggle between the tulip symbol and map display while navigating, press briefly on the validation knob. 

TII06 USB connection.

It is possible to import Road Books into your Tripy II by means of the Road Books / USB function.

By connecting an USB memory stick to the white USB-USB interface connected to the TripyII-USB cable.

It is also possible to import Road Books from another Tripy II by connecting the white USB-USB interface to the two TripyII-USB cables.

TII07 Backlighting and contrast.

It is important to correctly set the device contrast for an optimal device appreciation.

by means of Parameters/Screen, tune the contrast according to the surrounding environment.

Similarly, tune the minimal and maximal backlighting.

It is recommended to tune it at its maximum for usage inside an enclosed vahicle (car, 4x4, ..).

For an outside usage (motorcyle, bike, ...) it is recommended to tune it low to ensure the maximal 15 h autonomy.

A short pressure on the ON-OFF knob allows the activation/disactivation of the permanent lighting.  This gives perfect display when used inside a car or 4x4 with reverse sunlight.

The maximal lighting warns of the coming waypoint while the minimal lighting avoids tiring the eyes. The maximal lighting becomes active maximum  500 meters before a waypoint point. You are free to set it at your desired level.

TII08 How to display the itinerary computed by Tripy II ?

Nothing more simple.

On the Tripy II: toggle to the map display and zoom out to the desired scale level.

On the PC: Connect your Tripy II to your PC and you shall find the itinerary in the /user/roadbooks/lastroutes/ … directory. Sorting by dates makes it easy.

The last 20 itineraries are saved (route0.trb to route20.trb). The itinerary generated after route20.trb will overwrite the previous version of Route0.trb.

TII09 How to record and use GPS positions?

Outside of a specific recording (See TII10), it is possible to record individual GPS positions on the way. For various purposes, such as memorizing a pleasant location or preparing the waypoints of a future road book.

How to proceed? Keep the Tripy II validation knob depressed for about 2 seconds. A number shows up (number of the recorded position). Take note of this location description (pleasant restaurant, … ).

This function is solely available in the tulip symbol navigation or dashboard display modes. More about it in the Tripy II Hands on Manual.  

Via Destination/Preferred you may navigate  towards one of these locations.

To use them in RoadTracer, see note RT06.

TII10 How to add POI's (Points Of Interest) on a recorded track?

Only valid when a specific recording has been started.

In this mode, when you add a favorite (see TII09) a POI (Point Of Interest) is added to the recorded track.

See the note RT06 to see how to import and handle this track into RoadTracer

TII11 Tripy II Manual

Click here to download the Tripy Hands on Manual.  See inside your TripyII main directory for a complete PDF manual. So connect the GPS Tripy II to your PC.

TII12 Problems or questions not covered in this page.

Send us an e-mail by clicking here. Thank you for completing the requested information. 

TII13 Data NOT to alter.

Be careful and do not alter the base information of your Tripy II. More information in the chapter COMMUNICATION PC (page 7) of the Hands on manual(click here to download it).


TII14 After Sales Service.

The tracking of a device returned for service is made by email, click here (thank you for completing the fields Name and Serial Number) . If possible, attach a scan of the Intervention Order.

If the above tips do not assist you, contact the Hotline by email or telephone (see contatcs).

If you are recommended to return the device for repair, follow the procedure below :
1) Copy your device purchase invoice and joint it to the device.
2) Return the device to your Tripy dealer or to Tripy S.A. with the document

Our adress:
Tripy SA
Faubourg de Bruxelles 320 6041 Gosselies (Charleroi) Belgium

  Return Material properly filled in. (keep a copy for your record).

For information : Our Warranty general conditions

TII15 How use External Keys optionnal accessoire.

First of all thanks to activate the option External Keys in Parameters -> Advanced Settings .

3 buttons nammed ok – up – down are presents

Anytime:Ok = a switch between Map and Boll Arrow and Boll Arrow Map
Ok long = record a POI or add a Waypoint in the recorded road book when recorder is activated.

When riding a road book with Boll Arrow:

Up =  a previeuw of the next situation. After a few second actual Boll Arrow appears again.
Down = Choose another view for the right colon

When riding a road book on Map:

Up = Zoom -
Down = Zoom +


RT01 1st installation of RoadTracer on a PC.

Ensure you install the last RoadTracer Pro version 2.1 minimum under your user name. You need to have the administrator rights at least during the product installation and registration phase.

If you have an old DVD RoadTracer version, please use this link (RoadTracer Pro + TVM Europe) to download a ISO file.
And with help of (for exemple) this program you can make an installation DVD. Install the DVD.

IN ALL THE CASES -->  run Help / Download updates to install the latest version.  

RT02 Problem of USB driver.

Some Windows do not automatically install the Tripy I driver. Tripy II is not a problem.
Ensure you install the last RoadTracer Pro version 2.1 minimum
After this process, select here below your Windows version to download the complete procedure. 

Process for TRM1 under Windows 10   Procedure under Windows XP  
 Procedure under Windows VISTA

Procedure under Windows 7  64 bits

For Windows 8 & TRM1 , please read the information on these pages :

Comment puis-je installer les pilotes non signés sous Windows 10 ?
Installer un pilote non signé sous Windows 8 et 8.1

RT03 Problem with "view on google"

If function File -> View on Google is not working properly

Please control following setting in Internet Explorer:

- Tools Menu
- ‘Internet Option’ please select  ‘Security’ and  ‘Personnal Settings’
- Select ‘filter XSS’ and choose to desactivate it.

Another option is using Mozilla Firefox as internet browser and select him as default browser.


RT04 General Information about RoadTracer.


See chapter 7 of the Hands on manual .

RT05 Recover and modify a recorded track.

Tripy II offers two recording modes.

A permamenent recording function and a specific recording mode.


When switched ON, Tripy II continuously records the itinerary as a trace and stores up to 60 consecutives traces in its user/traces directory.

The last 60 tracks are saved (trace0.trb to trace60.ttr). The trace generated after trace60.ttr will overwrite the previous version of trace0.ttr.

A trace is closed and a new one started when either, Tripy II has remained at the same position for at least two hours or Tripy II has been put in communication with a PC.


After specifically requested to start a recording (RECO function) and having given a name to the future record (e.g. recoABCD), the specific recording function is active.

When the recording is stopped, Tripy II will create two road book files for the road book and its reverse itinerary.  The respective files recoABCD and recoABCD_R appended with the date and time of the record will be stored in the user/roadbooks/#reco... directory of your Tripy II.


For a track recorded on road, and if you wish RoadTracer to automatically generate the tulip symbols you may follow the procedure below:

1) Connect your Tripy to your PC. For Tripy II follow the procedure TII01

2) CTRL+A, Mouse right click -> Capture Track.

3) CTRL+A, Mouse right click -> Generate WP.

4) File / Save as…

5) To copy it back into your Tripy, see topic  TII04)

Upon an error message, the program could not convert everything automatically.  See the following notes for more information:

a) chapter 9 of the Hands on Manual .

b) Application Note From Record to Roadbook (for the tour organizers).

RT06 : Recovering the recorded GPS positions

Follow the procedure here below to recover your Preferred locations recorded (more information through TII09 ):

1) In RoadTracer press F11

2) Import.

3) Select the file in /user/favorites/userpoi.

4) Give it a name and press OK.

5) Press the double arrow to refresh the list display.

6) See below for points recorded during a specifi recording :

7) Open the road book in user/roadbooks/#reco/....

8) See the position of the various points stored during the recording.

RT07 Repeated requests to register.

Verify that you are logged is as the user who registered when installing the software.

RT08 What is the minimum computer hardware required to run RoadTracer PRO ? 

At least: 1 Pentium III 500 Mhz, 128Mb Ram, 100Mb free disk space on the hard disk + up to 5Gb free depending on the installed countries, USB port, DVD, Windows 2000 XP or Vista, minimal screen resolution 1024x768.

RT09 I cannot register as RoadTracer tells me that the internet connection is not operational.

Install the last version of RoadTracer Pro !!! Minimum 2.1 !!!

Disactivate your firewall and anti-virus. If you use the Symantec anti-virus, check that all system protections are well dis-activated before calling the support. If your company uses a proxy, it is necessary to configure the proxy parameters in the RoadTracer preferences. (menu Edit/Preferences).

Click here for more information.

RT10 Registration failed .(despite a valid internet connection and all firewall and anti-virus have been disabled)
OR Error message 'Set Size exceeded' after installation
OR Update failed (Help/Download updates)

Peform the update (cfr topic RT03) while first un-installing the program as recommended in case of trouble.

RT11 Problem with the additional maps (not displayed) and/or the search for locations.

- Un-install all the maps by means of the Menu/Edit/Preferences/Map

- Close the RoadTracer application

- Re-start RoadTracer

- Re- install at least 2 maps (menu Edit/preferences/Map).

RT12 The installation DVD does not automatically start.

Click here to fix it.  

RT13 Cannot install TopoMap Belgium or France (DVD not recognized): Install RoadTracer PRO ! 

If upon installing a Tripy TopoMap you receive a message asking you to install RoadTracer Pro despite having installed it previously:

Ensure you install the last RoadTracer Pro version (2.1 minimum!)

RT14 Tips to install RoadTracer under Windows Vista. 

Dis-activate User's Management.  

RT15 Upon starting, RoadTracer displays a message indicating that BCTA.DLL file is missing.  

This situation comes from an uncomplete installation. You should resume the installation of RoadTracer following the instructions under topic RT03 and uninstall the program as recommended in case of trouble.    

RT16 HELP/Download Updates … does not work or upon update I recieve a message 'set size exceeded'. 

This situation comes from an uncomplete installation. You should resume the installation of RoadTracer following the instructions under topic RT03 and uninstall the program as recommended in case of trouble.    

RT17 Upon starting the program, a reading error is happening.  It is necessary to use CTRL-ALT_DEL to leave the application. 

Click here to fix it.  

RT18 Files with _prefix under Mac. 

Under MAC OS X version 10.5.4 and VMWare Fusion, an automatic copy of files is created with a '_' as prefix.

These files are not valid. Make sure to use the original file without '_'. 

This happens when copying files from a Mac to a PC. 

RT19 How to rename and import POI's recorded in my RoadMaster ?

Follow the procedure import and rename POI's.

RT20 How to display the POI4s on RoadTracer ?

See procedure See POI's

RT21 How to import a track recorded or created by another software?

Followprocedure Import a track starting from point 3) if you have managed to convert this track in a .GPX format. The points 1) and 2) explain how to import from a .GDB file. 

RT22 Compatibility with version 1.3. or later of RoadTracer PRO 

With a RoadTracer PRO version 1.2.2. or previous :

- It is possible to copy any Road Book to your RoadMaster.

- It is not possible to open nor modify a Road Book created in a version 1.3.0 or later. 

Solution : update your RoadTracer following the instructions of topic RT03

Edition of a Road Book version 1.1.x or 1.2.x with RoadTracer 1.3.x is possible. It is sometime necessary to move the starting point when it is not exactly on the road (due to the new maps).

RT23 How to activate all RoadTracer functionalities

Make sure that you have RoadTracer PRO. You may check this after installation under Help/About.

If you have installed RoadTracer BASIC, follow the tip RT05 by un-installing the BASIC version and register thereafter.

RT24 Problem or question not covered here. 

Send us an e-mail by clicking here. Thank you for completing the requested information. 

Migration Tripy I -> Tripy II:

In the instance you have some Tripy optional maps and wish to retain them to use them with your Tripy II, follow the procedure below :


1) Update yourRoadTracer (see topic RT03) for the PC's on which RoadTracer has been installed with your Tripy I.

2) Send an e-mail  by clicking here(thank you for completing all the fields).

3) Upon reception of the request by our suport, you shall once again be allowed on a new PC following the procedure  RT01.

Tripy bought second hand:

Install RoadTracer following the procedure  RT01.

Click here to provide us with your details.

Optional maps:

CT01 How to create or import maps into RoadTracer ?

The 2 documents below answer this question:

- How to create maps

- How to import maps

 - How to trace under Google Earth and handle with RoadTracer Pro


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