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Road book: Geronimo in Sauerland 156 Km Code 1173


From the Geronimo Biker's Café in Delecke along the Moehnesee, a loop to the South...

Route starts at the Geronimo Biker Café.
Take West to the left, direction Niederbergheim, Hirschberg, ( Oeventrop) Arnsberg.
From Arnsberg we head for the Hellefelderhoehe then Hellenfeld and Sundern direction Finnentrop.

At the round about we stay on the B236 direction Plettenberg:Werdohl.
Pay attention, before Plettenberg , right bend direction Allendorf / Sundern.

After the nicest part of the ride, we head before Allendorf towards Altenaffeln.
At Altenaffeln in the round about take the Wuelfringhausen direction: Anecke.

Coffee pause at the Sorpesee direction Langscheid.

After the pause, direction Beckum and then pass through the Hoehnetal until shifting towards Asbeck.
Via Asbeck and Herdringen , direction Neheim-Huesten and a little sprint on the A445( from exit Arnsberg-Huesten to exit Arnsberg- Neheim)

At the exit, take left along the Moehne, direction Niederense, stay on that road until the end of the ride ( Moehnesee at Delecke) Café Geronimo.
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