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Road book: Through hills and plains (MP nbr 204) Estimated duration : 4h.  176 Km Code 1039


(Re-)Discovering the "Pays des Collines" (land of hills) and "Pays des Plaines" (land of plains) of the Escaut river, is tyhe program of this October month. Rendez-vous in Enghien, on the linguistic border for a new Moto Pulsion ride (nbr. 204)! Texts and Pictures by Tigerjack

Medieval town

Known for its famous park (created by the Arenberg family in 1607) Enghien keeps numerous secrets hidden. Its welcoming small streets. The starting point is at the nice railway station. Out of Enghien in no time, we are in Flemish territory. We quickly leave the wide Enghien road to catch the N495. It swirls gently through the Flemish Brabant to meet the first hills of the « Vlaamse Ardennen » (Flemish Ardennes). Exiting Viane, we use a tiny road. This road book will require a fair amount of attention to remain on track. As usual, Belgium is not champion in panneling ! At Deux-Acren we cross the Dender river on a superb conter-weight bridge. Another world. A few kilometers on the Chaussée de Flobecq will lead us to … Flobecq that we avoid through a loop of utmost beauty. First climbing back through the fields to reach the La Potterée township, we carry on through a wooded versant before discovering a splendid landscape on the Pays des Collines (land of hills). Just before Ellezelles we take to the left towards Frasnes-les-Anvaing. Another nice road, and we leave Arbre-Saint-Pierre aside to come into the splendid township of Grand Rieu. It is from here that we resume the climbing of a hill to reach the place known as « beau site » (pretty site). The place deserves its name pretty well. A few houses clustered on the hill top give a feeling of vacations. Altogether it is called the « hameau de la croisette », far away from Cannes but with a strong flavor of paradise.

Renaix/Ronse (sance)

A few hundred meters to the nice town of Renaix/Ronse. We ride through the centre. To the right of the itinerary, you shall find the nice Franklin Roosevelt place with its wealthy houses and attractive restaurants. A nice place for a stop (around WP31). We ride around at the feet of the Mont de l’Enclus (Anvil mount). A place appreciated or feared by all cyclists! As a matter of fact, be even more careful during the weekends, as their number is even larger. The calves are going to hurt! For us, a few twists on the right handle and we are headed towards Russeignies, Amougies, Orroir and Escanafles. We restart full South to tickle the great Tournai/Doornik outskirts. We shall beforehand have tasted of a few towns such as Celles, Mourcourt and Rumillies.

Full East !

We start our return trip. The road lovely swirls between the widespread fields. At Thieulain, we come accross the large N60 to find a lovely village: Grandmetz. After a few greenish detours we find back the Nationale 7 road to reach Ligne. A few bends bring us to Moulbaix and the superb Moulin de la Marquise (Marchioness mill). A place deserving a pause. Located on a bluff, the surrounding peace and quietness amaze.

At the Prince's

Another tiny road leads us to Elignies-Sainte-Anne and then Beloeil. We drive around the park by the North to reach the castle front gate. The house of the « de Ligne » family became a centerpoint of cultural life in Belgium. We carry on towards Stambruges ! We come accross a nice forest, building a green tunnel above our heads to come to Sirault. Baudour awaits us before Lens. Another round of little roads to head for Cambron and Lombise. The hills are getting softer and the horizon widens. Glimpses of happiness in our eyes! The villages we ride through radiating quietness. We come to Thoricourt then Graty. Slow down and enjoy the the sight of the nice houses.

It leaves us to ride through Hoves to easily return to our starting point : Enghien railway station. Ending point of this pretty ride, we shall further enjoy a moment in town for a drink with friends.
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