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Road book: Balls_Battle_Brussels 94,5 Km Code 1047


After visiting Brupark (or the Motor Show in january), have a quick visit of Brussels and his nice and popular neighbourghoods. Travel through "Flemish" and "French" Brabant, and finish your road-book in "Brussels Capital". MORE ABOUT...

Some nice and small countryside roads will lead you to the famous "Waterloo battle fields" and its "lion" on top of it. Drive back on the straight line leading to "Europe's Capital". This 94 kms road-book will keep you about two hours on bike, except if you're stopping at each "bistro" or "tavern" crossing your road.
About two hours through Brussels' small streets and roads. Drive this RB outside the "Bussiness trafic hours", or better prefer the week-end. Take care of some slippery roads if its raining, but otherwise, enjoy visiting Brussels region "in a nutshell"
You can make it shorter if you want, simply make a U-turn on the "avenue de Tervueren" as mentionned. Safe driving.
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