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Road book: AostaLago3 ValAosta-LagoMaggiore Estimated duration : 5h.  220,8 Km Code 1065


Leaving Val d’Ayas passing by the Verrès fortress is really impressive. Liaison stage with a little bit of highway, followed by lakes, view points, touristical or riviera towns finally reaching Verbania. MORE ABOUT...

The whole way down, via the highway, allows us to discover many valleys controlled at their inlet by strong ancient forts.
A highway less attractive liaison stage, though, after Borgomanero, begins the discovery of the Orta lake. The smallest yet most charming.
Climbing to the « Madonna del Sasso » lookout is a good appetiser to also discover the lake also called « Lago Cusio ».
Even the touristical village of Orta San Giulio, on the other hillside is a Must stop by.
Compulsory motorcycles parking at the entry into the pedestrian zone.
Enjoy the village's charming lake side and « farniente » on the decks of the taxi-boats is a real treat.
Joining Stresa – the past trendy riviera – is not a piece of cake. Badly posted roads and not always in a good state. Follow the Tripy « sniffer » arrow is your best choice. Palaces and luxury hotels make the glory of Stresa. Let's go ahead until Verbania, finish of our stage. Many hotels in Intra and Verbania, starting point for a visit to the Borromées islands.

Alternating highways and « green » marked national roads.
« Regional » Michelin map n° 561 - Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia, Liguria.
« Zoom » Michelin map n° 132 - Milan and the lakes of Como-Maggiore-Lugano

Hotel Aquadolce
Via Cietti, 1 - Verbania
+39-3-23-50 54 18
Private motorcycles parking at 200m, pier for the «Borromées » islands at 100m.

From Brusson (Val d’Ayas) to Verbania (Lago Maggiore) - 220 km - 5 hours
AostaLago3 ValAosta-LagoMaggiore - Download Road Book
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