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Road book: AostaLago4 LagoMaggiore Estimated duration : 7h.  170 Km Code 1066


A loop around the Maggiore Lake, with a detour through lovely valleys such as « Valle Cannobina » and « Centovalli » . Exclusively small meandering roads for the riders'pleasure. MORE ABOUT...

The approx. 170 km should be driven at a leasure pace, with a lunch stop in a good little Swiss restaurant.
Exclusively small meandering roads for the riders'pleasure. It is however recommended to make tight trajectories as the road is sometimes very narrow and use of the horn may be useful.

Driving through Locarno is a must, though it is not the highlight of this ride.
The « Valle Veddasca » valley crisscrossing the lake North-East hills adds some spice to the road book. Reaching the top of the pass, a superb view on Locarno. A compulsory stop in the fields or at the bar. We then head back to Italy, descending towards the lake.
Reaching Laveno, it is possible to take the ferry to Intra, or push it a little further on the lake shores to visit San Caterina del Sasso. This 16th century monastery is considered the jewel of the lake.
The close the loop, take the Laveno-Intra ferry at sunset. A « Must » to call it a day.

Alternating national and cantonal « green » marked roads almost throughout the road book.
« Zoom » Michelin map n° 132 - Milan and the Como-Maggiore-Lugano lakes

Regular ferry crossings between 5h and 23h. Departure every 20 to 30 min.
Queue directly and purchase your ticket at the counter before boarding.

Osteria Otello du Rii - Restaurant with shadow garden
9km500 after the Swiss border, at the entry to Intragna
Parking on the right, restaurant and garden to the left.
Swiss Franks ATM 500m further to the left.

Hotel Aquadolce
Via Cietti, 1 - Verbania
+39-3-23-50 54 18
Private motorcycle parking at 200m, pier to the « Boromées » islands at 100m.

From Verbania to Verbania (Lago Maggiore) - 170 km - 7 hours
AostaLago4 LagoMaggiore - Download Road Book
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