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Road book: AostaLago5 LagoMaggiore-LagoComo Estimated duration : 3h.  95 Km Code 1067


Connecting the Maggiore Lake and the Como Lake is not a straight line, and one should avoid Lugano. Roads are pleasant and not too clogged, a few successive bends at Grandola, MORE ABOUT...

Since the liaison stage is very short, it would really be a pity not to take benefit of the morning to visit the Borromées islands. Isola Madre for its botanical gardens and Isola Bella for its palace and staged gardens. Boat departures (without the bike) solely from the Pallanza pier. Worthwhile a detour, all the charm of the italian lakes gathered in a combined beauty and « dolce vita ».

Back to Pallanza, one has to head to the ferry pier of Intra.

Once the south tip of the lake behind, one can head for the Como lake via the Intelvi valley, direction Argegno.
Arriving along the lake, everything is beautiful between Menaggio and Como at the southern tip.
It is good to allow a full day on the western lake side to have a good feeling of the lake charm.
Lenno is the arrival point of the RB. A few hotels along the bay.
On the same little harbour, one can visit the « Villa del Balbianello » accessible by foot or by boat. Superb film stage.
Even Georges Clooney has his villa (Oléandra) on the lake side, at Carate Urio, it tells you…
The town of Como is worth the detour, and the best plan is to reach it via the long tunnel after Cernobbio.

Alternating « green » marked roads and small valley roads.
« Zoom » Michelin map n° 132 – Milano and the Como-Maggiore-Lugano lakes

Regular ferry crossings « Intra-Laveno » between 5h and 23h. Departure every 20 min.
Queue directly and purchase your ticket at the counter before boarding.

Hotel-Ristorante Fiorini
Piazza Minoletti, 1

Albergo-Ristorante Plinio
via C. Lomazzi, 3

From Verbania (Lago Maggiore) to Lenno (Lago di Como) - 95 km - 3 hours
AostaLago5 LagoMaggiore-LagoComo - Download Road Book
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