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Road book: FabricomGTI - Mototour 07 Estimated duration : 5h.  190 Km Code 897


Nice ride suggested by Pascal Ferire from Frabricom (Wautier-Braine site). IT runs for 190 km and despite a few cobble stones sections, it is recommended for all bikes. Starting from Leuven and finishing in Jambes. MORE ABOUT...

Another reason to congratulate Pascal for the FABRICOM-GTI mototour of Sunday 26/8/2007. Some 37 riders led by Tripy Master Scarver de Lyon at the start in Leuven. Even if only a tenfold perservered to the finish, we have worn our tyres with pleasure, isn'it Ronny ? The stop at the relais du château of Braine is pure pleasure ( translate: poultry skewer, wine, speculoos ice cream and coffee on the terrace). Follow, 150 km of know classic through the Samson and Molignée valleys. Meandering through the countryside through Crupet and infally the Meuse valley to reach Jambes ... ... at the Bovesse terrace. Taking into account the km to reach the starting point and returning from the finishing point, this ride may easily fill up most of day from 7 till 7... like true riders like them …
FabricomGTI - Mototour 07 - Download Road Book
Comments - FabricomGTI - Mototour 07

Uthrex  - 24/05/2011
Kleine rechtzetting. Deze route is 290km. Vertrekt nabij Leuven en het einde is in Jambes. Doorkruist vele dorpskernen (wat ook mooie beelden levert) waardoor het een ‘trage‘ rit is.
Toch een aanrader voor een zonnige zondag (om het drukke centrumverkeer te vermijden).

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