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Technical updates
DAKAR 2023



If additional accessories are required (other RAM-Mounts brackets,…), of course you can buy it on our website. Go to homepage, choose any sector and find in main menu LIMITED OFFERS.

New GPS Tripy-K special Assistance.
Tripy-K is a qualified GPS based navigation roadbook offering the crews (on screen color) :
-the automatic display of the roadbook notes (including instantaneous km countdown),
-a Tripmaster function,
-warning for overspeed or upcoming itinerary danger,
-warning for quitting the programmed roadbook and navigation assistance to rejoin it.
-Automatical updates via 4G.
-Automatical assistance or race stage opening for each day.

The navigation system warns the driver as soon as he quits the planned itinerary. In this instance, a compass arrow shows up and displays the straight line direction to follow to reach the next WayPoint. As soon as the track is rejoined, the roadbook resumes at that point. Tripy-K initilally developed for motorbikers, offers an optimum passive safety and provides unequalled driving comfort. Don't forget GPS Tripy is also THE most readable GPS navigation system for leisure and pleasure on the road for everybody;
SEE & Download this TRIPY TRMCC VIDEO on your smartphone (as a Quickstart live)

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I’m will be upon next rally. Please, I have some questions:
1 – Do I have to install Tripy in my racing car?
    Only for CLASSIC regularity rally, service vehicles and press car.
2 – Do I have to install Tripy in my assistance car?
    Yes, as a mandatory, but GPS Tripy II is already provided in your rally registration.
    You have only to order and buy our kit equipment.

3 – How will I do the roadbook upload during the race?
    All the assistance Road Books will be into the Tripy II starting the race. Good stage roadbook opens automatically each day.
4 – What about the daily roadbook corrections?
    Updates are automatically downloaded by 4G network each night. That's the reason why your GPS Tripy-K must be on permanent power.
5 – How must I install the power cord 12v?
    Installation of the power cord 6-28v directly to the vehicle's battery without any switch off.n.
6 - If I need some help during the rallye?

    Try first at CH Bivouac entrance, asking for Tripy team,.
    In worse case, let us a message WITH your car/truck's number as ref.

Tripy support will be available during the whole event. If you need some help or information, please first contact Tripy Team at each entrance CH BIVOUAC.

Recovery of the rented equipment will take place at the finish. Your deposit covers this equipment.

The Tripy Team.


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