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Technical updates
Tripy RoadMaster

The RoadMaster is a GPS-receiver specially designed for mototcyclists. Its two main functions are to read and record Road Books. It is not a conventional GPS navigation system because it does not suggest you a route to follow based upon on-board map material. With the RoadMaster you enjoy the freedom to ride exciting trips away from the mainroads and other busy areas. Even in off-roads.

GPS-technology tailored to motorcyclists

  • RoadMaster permanently knows your position, your direction, your speed and your altitude
  • RoadMaster counts down for you the remaining distance towards the next dot-arrow symbol (way point) of the road book, a gas station, a point of interest
  • If you leave the normal course of the road book – deliberately or not - RoadMaster brings you back on track by compas on either the way point you were heading to or whatever way point you can select
  • You can record very accurately your GPS-track, whatever your position is, also in the middle of the desert.
  • Warning when the system detects that you have been approaching a radar speed control that is listed in its memory

Why would you go for the RoadMaster ?

  • For the simplicity of its mounting. You need only 5 minutes to fix it on your motorcycle. No wiring necessary.
  • For its ease of use
  • To discover exciting trips created by motorcycle professionals
  • For its cristal clear display making it legible in all circumstances, including for people wearing glasses
  • For its contribution to your passive security, because it requires less attention
  • For the ergonomy of its simple keyboard: only 5 large buttons left hand that are compatible with throttle control and remain sensitive even with winter gloves
  • For its storage capacity of 15.000 km (10.000 miles)
  • To be able to create your own road books and to share them with others
  • For its resistant construction making it suitable for off-road use
  • For its protection level IP67 that makes it waterproof under 1m water for 30 minutes
  • For its battery autonomy of more than 30 hours
  • For the enjoyment to follow an unknown route while being able to maintain a good driving tempo























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