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Technical updates
FAQ - RoadMaster

 RM01 : My RoadMaster is locked.

Perform a RESET following the instructions in the General Reset section of the chapter Starting-up of the RoadMaster manual.
(to download from Support & contacts/Manuals ... ).

 RM02 : I do not have GPS signal anymore.

Follow the procedure  Reset GPS.

RM03 : Impossible to add a file (e.g. Road Book or POI). Error : cannot open file.

The RoadMaster memory is full. Free some place by suppressing files. e.g. some of the POI files of some countries : france.nvo, ...

RM04 : How to update the RoadMaster program?

Follow the procedure RoadTracer and RoadMaster upgrades.

In the event that the procedure fails, follow the next one this procedure.

RM05 : My RoadMaster switches off during usage. What can I do ?

Activate the automatic power off  (Configuration->Parametres).

Start by following the Tip RM06 here below, and load your RoadMaster for 20 hours the day before your ride! If that does not fix it, send us an e-mail at with an indication of the battery voltage level. That information is present in the Configuration -> Battery.

If you cannot conduct this operation, resume it while connecting the RoadMaster to its loader.


RM06 : Battery usage tips

These tips ( click here) will allow you to optimise your battery lifetime.

RM07 : Material Return procedure

If these tips do not help you solve a problem, contact the Hiotline by e-mail or telephone (see contatcs). If they recommend returning your device for repair, follow the procedure below :
1) Make a copy of your purchase invoice and join it to the device.
2) Return it to your local Tripy reseller with the duly filled in form below

  Return Material form.

For information : Our  Warranty & After Sales conditions


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